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Kachhua is inviting application from District level from Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP and Maharastra. Interested, self motivated businessperson with experience and investment capacity up to 4 lacs can apply.


Kachhua is inviting dealership from all Talika and major cities. Businessman with experience in sales and investment capacity up to 1 lac can apply.


Any person can become agency of Kachhua by working part time. Agency is person who sales product of Kachhua form his/her place to its near and dear.

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You are skilled person in field or teacher or trainer, and love to teach and spread light of knowledge on the globe, Kachhua gives you chance to start teaching online. Be author at Kachhua and start teaching online.

Kachhua Retail

Your partner in success
Kachhua retail is network to reach customer

Kachhua.com was founded on 16 November, 2013. Kachhua provides online courses of all exams like competitive exams, academic exams, school-college examinations. Millions of students have been taken advantage of these features and have been passed various examinations. In addition, Kachhua also provides non-educational courses like IT courses, design courses, business courses and lifestyle-related course, kids-stories etc. Apart from these courses, there are many skill courses like Spoken English, Fashion Designing, Photography, Music, Interview skills etc. are also available at Kachhua. Kachhua Retail is part of Kachhua.com and gives opportunity to individual to start business in education. If you are passionate , excited person and start part time regular income , kachhua retail is best organization to work with.

  • More than 80% students love e-learning
  • 90% region would be covered

    All district would have franchisee of Kachhua

  • 95% students have android mobile
  • 99% satisfaction

    All students of Kachhua are happy with our course

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If you want to start business with us, to cunnect with us fill this form or email us on retial@kachhua.com